Singing for Sanity Humbugs

Feeling overwhelmed, tired etc? this is for you!

Humbugs - Singing for Sanity!

Humbugs - Singing for Sanity!

Humbugs - Singing for Sanity!Humbugs - Singing for Sanity!Humbugs - Singing for Sanity!

Make time for yourself and boost your mental health, with the kids in tow...  Singing for Sanity is an online choir for MUMS!

Welcome to Humbugs

"I never realised how powerful singing with a group would be, especially a bunch of women who were as tired, drained and mentally exhausted as me."

Humbugs Choir for Mums

Humbugs is a choir for mums who love, want, need to sing! When we're in our usual venue and usual time the pics show a typical session! 

We believe that mums are allowed to do something for themselves sometimes! But finding the time is tricky. Most mums spend time singing songs for their kids, and very little time singing for their own enjoyment. So, here at Humbugs we have the perfect solution - a choir for mums, with music for mums AND you can bring your little one along too!

You don't have to be able to read music, or have any previous singing experience as all our songs are taught by ear or using word sheets.

Humbugs sing all sorts of songs - pop, gospel, jazz, showtunes, folk and songs from around the world.

EXTRA TREATS FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD (when we're in our usual venue)

> Toys are provided for the little ones to keep them occupied so you can concentrate on singing

> Coffee, tea and biscuits are included. Each session starts with a cuppa!


Why mums love humbugs

About humbugs

Run by mums

Professional musicians Nicky Pocock (music teacher and mum to 3 girls) and Julie Payne (Artistic Director of Music for Miniatures and mum to 9yr old and 7 yr old) run the regular Humbugs sessions together. They totally get the whole mum thing as they started the choir when they were both pregnant with their youngest children!

Supported by mums

On a Monday morning, at our usual live sessions, we can pick each other up off the floor and support each other, laugh together and share experiences. Plus, we do actually sing! It's important for mums to have a support network at the same time as doing something they love and finding themselves again. Kids are there, but very much background to the singing. 

And there's singing too!

Singing is incredibly important for YOU. It helps when you're feeling down, stressed or just a bit out of sorts. We sing to our children, but rarely sing for ourselves because time is tight. Now you can look after the kids AND have time for you.