Humbugs Singing for Sanity

Every tuesday during the covid-19 crisis for mums with kids

Singing for Sanity - TUESDAYS 10am, ZOOM

Here at Humbugs we're certainly feeling the pressure of this whole COVID-19 thing. It's really hard to find time for yourself when you're with your little one 24-7 BUT we have the answer!!!  

Mums with little ones can now join a session and sing for themselves whilst the kids are in the background!! We don't mind if baby howls or toddlers cry or you feed constant snacks... Just sing with us and experience the benefits! You don't have to worry that others can hear the chaos happening in your house as when we're actually singing, everyone is muted 😊. So you can even shout at your kids and whilst we're singing, no-one will hear you 😂

  • Sessions are every Tuesday at 10am on Zoom (you'll be emailed a link when you buy your ticket)
  • Resources will be available to you on dropbox if you want to access them, but don't feel you have to! 
  • Sessions are Pay As You Go so you don't have to commit to every time. Tickets are £4 per session and are available online